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Preventative Care Plans

Why A Preventive Care Plan? 

A healthy cat is a happy cat! 

Regular veterinarian visits – just one more way to say “I love my cat.”

They give our feline experts the opportunity to practice preventive care that can help your cat live a happier, healthier, longer life.  Together, we can ensure your cat leads the healthiest life possible – beyond simply getting the necessary vaccinations, screenings and treatments.

Every visit to Just Cats is an investment in good health. It’s how our veterinary team can identify potential problems before they become serious, and expensive. 

Preventive Care Plan members get:

  • 10% discount on care and services not covered by other plans, with the exception of nutraceuticals and preventive parasitic inventory items.
  • A convenient, automatic payment plan through PaymentBanc
  • The reassurance of partnering with with feline specialists you know and trust…Just Cats Veterinary Clinic.
  •  Peace of mind knowing your cat’s health is regularly monitored with a preventive health approach.

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