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Nutritional Counseling

At Just Cats we work with you to develop a balanced nutritional diet for your cat.

They Are What They Eat

At Just Cats we work with you to develop a balanced nutritional diet for your cat. Because what they eat, and how much, is very important to their health and happiness. 

Our veterinarians – all feline focused specialists – take your cat’s diet seriously. Because cats are true carnivores, we are more concerned with protein levels than calories. We recommend feeding grain-free foods. Cats cannot easily digest grain products, so it can cause stomach upset. 

After lengthy testing and research, the American Association of Feline Practitioners is recommending canned food for cats. It may be easier on a cat’s digestive system, causing fewer upsets than dry food, and it has been shown to assist with weight control, an issue for many cats.

However, it is especially important that kittens and young cats are offered some of both – wet and dry food – as they develop food aversions at a young age (just like us). Our experience tells us it’s important to expose your cat to both types of food, so if medically needed, a canned only or dry only diet is possible down the road.

Benefits of canned food:
1. Better hair coat.
2. Better weight control.
3. Increased water in the canned food decreases amount of urinary crystal formation.
4. Better blood sugar regulation- canned food can decrease or completely eliminate insulin requirements in cats.
5. There is no scientific evidence that dry food is better for teeth.

Benefits of dry food:
1. Can help to increase weight in underweight cats.
2. Helps cats with soft stools or diarrhea.

How much to feed your cat?
Your cat is unique. Just like every human’s food consumption is different, every cat’s food needs are different as well. Ask your veterinarian at Just Cats about any food questions or concerns you may have.

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