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Grooming Your Cat   

Just Cats offers grooming services for your cat. Most cats are not fans of grooming and are referred to us because they are unable to have grooming services done without sedation. Our veterinarian will choose the right sedation for your cat so there is no stress involved in the grooming process. The patient is monitored by our skilled veterinary team while under sedation until grooming is done and the patient is awake.  

We require that patients are up to date on vaccinations and if they are over 8 years of age, basic blood work is required for their safety. For cats under 8 years old, a smaller panel is required.  

We are medical groomers, and do our best to make your cat look beautiful. Our main goal is to make your cat comfortable by removing or brushing out matts that are making your cat uncomfortable. 

Call our office for more information on scheduling your cat for grooming services.

  • Dematting, sanitary shave
  • Brush-outs
  • Nail trims
  • Application of Soft Paws
  • Whole body shaves “Lion Cut”


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