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Dental Care

SMILE, Your Health is Showing!   

Help your cat live longer with good dental care. 

Cats, just like people, need regular dental check- ups. Because teeth and gum problems can affect their overall health. 

We have the specialists on staff to meet your cat’s dental needs. Kind, caring and professional. Our feline dental technicians provide dental cleanings, dental digital x-rays, and surgical tooth extractions (if needed). 

We’ll even show you tips on how to brush your cat’s teeth at home between check ups. All in an effort to keep your cat living longer.  

You feel better when your teeth are cleaned and polished — your cat will too. 
Did you know that oral disease is present in most cats over the age of 3? Although daily brushing is recommended, the reality is only a small percentage of owners are able to brush their cat’s teeth. 

Oral disease, if left untreated, can lead to pain and discomfort, which can result in your cat not eating, or other behavior changes that effect their health and happiness. It can also cause heart disease, kidney failure, and even cancer.

At Just Cats your cat’s mouth is examined by one of our veterinarians during each annual or semi-annual healthy cat visit. If there are signs of periodontal disease, a dental exam will be recommended. This is a dental procedure under anesthesia that allows for a more thorough exam on each tooth, including digital dental X-rays.

For a complete dental exam, your cat will be admitted in the morning and spend the day with our feline experts. But don’t worry, your beloved one will be staying in a cozy space with comfy blankets. 

During the dental exam, full mouth digital dental X-rays are taken to check for problems under the gum line. We generally find problems like tooth resorption, bone loss, abscess, tissue abnormalities, and bone infection on X-ray. This will help determine which teeth should be extracted, if any. If extractions are needed, an oral nerve block is performed to minimize pain. 

Just like in your own dentist’s chair, your cat’s teeth are cleaned (using an ultrasonic scaler). Then they’re polished, and a fluoride treatment is applied. These steps remove tartar buildup and re-establish a smooth protective surface on the teeth.  

Once the dental procedure is done, our patients recover in a comfortable, bark-free environment, where we’ll check on them throughout the day.

It may take your kitty a few days to fully recover from anesthesia. Although in most cases we send our patients home the same day, they may still be groggy and have a decreased appetite for a few days following the dental procedure. Most cats heal quite quickly from extractions, needing only a few days of pain medication and about a week of antibiotics. 

At Just Cats we offer many services to help maintain oral health in our feline patients.


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