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Pet Memorials

On behalf of the staff at Just Cats Veterinary Clinic, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed.  We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our website's Pet Memorial page. Please feel free to complete the following Pet Memorial Form in Adobe Acrobat format, which requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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"I got Sherlock when he was just eight weeks old in June 2012. I was studying for the bar exam, and adopting him was an impulsive decision. It turned out to be the best decision of my life. Sherlock was the sweetest boy, always waiting for me when I got home from work, ready to snuggle into my lap when I sat on the couch, and following me everywhere I went in the house. Sherlock was always excited to meet new friends, and made his way into the hearts of my family members and friends who would come to visit. Even my friends who only knew Sherlock through social media felt a sense of connection with his sweet and loving nature. His big blue eyes almost seemed "human" and always expressed his emotions. The last few months in quarantine were difficult, but were heartwarming, as I was able to spend most of my day with my baby by my side. We just celebrated Sherlock's birthday a few weeks ago, he was only 8 years old when he unexpectedly passed. Words cannot express the depth of this loss, or how much I will miss my sweet boy. Sherlock, Sherly, Sherla-bird, my Fur Factory... I love you and I will always miss you and your incredibly gentle and loving nature. Your paws have left prints on my heart forever. Simba and I miss you so much, and wish you hadn't been taken from us so soon."

  "We adopted Penny from Just Cats in 2011. Penny was the most people-friendly cat we have ever known. Whenever someone came into the house, she would greet them at the door. She would follow the furnace repairman downstairs to “assist” with the work. If a visitor sat down on the couch, Penny would jump up next to them to hang out for the entire time they were there.

When we first adopted Penny, she had a very bad habit of jumping on the table to snatch our dinner. She was very persistent so we had to put her in the kitchen and close the swinging door. Then she learned how to push open and quickly get through the kitchen’s swinging door!

From the minute we brought Penny home and introduced her to our other cats, she wanted to be the alpha cat. Penny liked our big, mellow male cat, Bear, and our younger female, Dolly. And she would never mess with Ralphy (see other tribute). But for some unknown reason, Penny took an instant dislike to our long haired, orange princess, Mitsy. Penny would chase Mitsy and hit her on the head with her paw! Mitsy, who is larger but very submissive, would never fight back. Whenever Penny would just be walking by, Mitsy would make a point of hissing at her. Toward the end of Penny’s life, they must have called a truce because they could be found just hanging out together, just not too close.

Although Penny only shared her life with us for four short years, she became such a large part of our family. We miss her."

  "Ralphy was also adopted from Just Cats. He was a small kitty with a big personality, really large feet and a bush tail. He was an even-tempered fellow, and although rather sickly, he was also the alpha cat.

  Ralphy would cuddle up to our big cat Bear to keep warm and he would hang out on the couch with Mitsy and Dolly, but he would not take any shenanigans from Penny! All he had to do was slowly raise a big furry paw as a warning to Penny and she would turn and walk away!

  Ralphy had a larger-than-life personality and we miss our little man.

  Ralphy and Penny are reunited and hopefully getting along!"

  "I was working as an assistant at Just Cats when Mickey came in. He was a three-month old white kitten rescued by Whiskers, and he had to stay over for a little while due to some medical issues. I got to care for him and I quickly fell in love! He would meow to me if he saw me and it would just melt my heart. Needless to say, I adopted him and he quickly fit into our household. Our other two adult cats, Mitsy (orange) and Bear (gray), took to him right away and they allowed him to hang out with “the big cats.”

We only had him for six months when he unexpectedly passed away from a stroke. We were heartbroken. But in that short time, Mickey was a constant source of joy and laughs. We miss our little munchkin."

Justy, the original Just Cats Cat!  

  Justy served as Just Cats’ official greeter and office cat for the last 13 years.  Justy came to us in November 1994. Over the years, Justy served her position well making sure that everyone who walked through the door at Just Cats received a welcome meow and the sense that everything that could be done for their cat would be done.  Justy had the run of the Clinic day and night, but her favorite place to sit was on top of the receptionists’ counter over the computer monitor.  Not only was it warm there, but she had a perfect view of everyone coming through the door.  Even in the last few days of her life, Justy purred for her family at Just Cats.  As much as she hated to leave us, Justy was not one for strong medical interventions.  There is an empty space at Just Cats now.  It’s not the same to come in the door and not hear Justy meow.  Heaven must have needed a greeter, and what better one than Justy?  We take comfort knowing that Justy is greeting humans and kitties alike, in the same loving way she did with us here at Just Cats.

  Charlie was a family member of Just Cats, but he succumbed to renal failure in 2013.  He was the easiest going cat and loved to sit on laps.  We will always miss him.


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