(518) 869-5779


(518) 869-5779

Clinic Visits


What you should do when you arrive at the hospital with your cat...

Call 518-869-5779 when you arrive at the parking lot. Please remain in your vehicle with your cat.

The Just Cats team member who will be assisting with your appointment will discuss your needs by phone when you arrive. At the end of the phone conversation, we will let you know if we are ready for your appointment. We will instruct you when to bring your cat to the front door up the "in" ramp. We ask you remain in your car for the duration of the appointment.

After the medical team evaluates your cat, you will receive a phone call to discuss recommendations and a plan moving forward. Verbal consent for treatment and details surrounding financial estimates will be authorized via this phone call.

Updates will be given regularly via phone by your medical team if your cat is hospitalized.

Once care of your cat is complete, the discharge process will be discussed and any remaining balance will be collected prior to the discharge of your cat from our hospital. We will inform you when this is complete, and we will put your cat in the carrier outside the "out" door with the steps. Our in and out doors are clearly labeled.

We are asking you to bring your cat in a hard carrier if possible. This will help us better sanitize your carrier.

It is important to note that there have been no reported cases of COVID-19 within the veterinary hospital at this time.

Thank you for understanding and being cooperative at this time. We are keeping up with the latest updates and this will be subject to change as the situation evolves. We are doing our part in minimizing the spread!


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