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Meet Our Team


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    Susan Sikule, DVM

    Dr. Sikule began Just Cats Veterinary Clinic in 1994, filling a niche in the community to care for feline patients in the capital district. She is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine, after completing her undergraduate at the University of Rochester. She has specific interests in internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, and holistic medicine including acupuncture.

    Send Dr. Sikule an email: Dr. Susan Sikule

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    Denise Petersen, DVM

    Dr. Petersen received both her bachelor of Science degree and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Cornell University. She owned and practiced feline and canine medicine in Saratoga Springs for several years. She also became experienced with raising and treating alpacas on her farm. Dr. Petersen is enjoying the advantages of an exclusive feline practice since joining Just Cats.

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    Theresa Tommell, DVM

    Dr. Tommell has been affiliated with Just Cats since 2002. She began her work at Just Cats as an LVT. She received her Bachelors in Biology from Siena College and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Ross University College of Veterinary Medicine with clinical study at Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine @Virginia Tech. She returns to us from serving as the Director of Shelter Veterinary Services at the Animal Protective Foundation in Scotia (October 2015 - March 2016). Dr. Tommell's professional interests include dental surgery, soft tissue surgery, ultrasound, rescue, and shelter medicine. She lives in the nearby hill towns with her husband and two children.

    Send Dr. Tommell an email: Dr. Theresa Tommell

  • Sierra Bouchard, DVM
    Sierra Bouchard, DVM

    Dr. Bouchard joined Just Cats in 2021 after graduating from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. She has a special interest in internal medicine, oncology, and surgery. During her free time, she enjoys hiking in the Adirondacks and modern dance. She currently has two cats, Maya and Bastian, and a husky-mix named Delilah. 

    Send Dr. Bouchard an email: [email protected]

Licensed Veterinary Technicians

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    Trish D., LVT, Technician Supervisor

    I have been working as a NYS Licensed Veterinary Technician with Just Cats since 2010 and couldn’t be happier!  I graduated from SUNY Delhi in 2008 with an associate degree in Veterinary Technology and graduated from SUNY Oneonta in 2010 with a degree in Biology.  In my free time I enjoy camping, friends, and vacationing.  I live with my husband Shawn, our son Amari and our 3 cats Cleo, Stella and Eywa.

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    Mary B., LVT

    In the veterinary business for many years (too numerous to mention!! but LOVED (STILL love!!) EVERY MOMENT as a LVT and extremely happy with my career choice) and always seemed to be drawn to cats in particular and fortunate to be working with them in this specialized practice!! Since cats were the last  animal to be domesticated, that entire concept makes sooo much sense considering the challenges that cats can present especially behaviorally!! I have learned sooo much working at Just Cats with the latest information on diets and how critical nutrition is and providing enrichment for felines is crucial for their well-being. Married with 2 children, we have 2 farms and our 'working cats' that have their very own 'Cateau'. 

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    Becca S., LVT

    I joined the Just Cats team in January of 2020. My educational background is a Bachelor's in Biology from UNH. I am a licenced veterinary technician who enjoys taking care of your animals. I live at home with my boyfriend Brian and my cat Atia and dog Elion. 

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    Emily J., LVT

    I joined the Just Cats team in September of 2020 as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. I live at home with my husband, son and fur family. 

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    Ginny R., LVT

    I just joined the team, more info to come!

Practice Manager

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    Missy Filarecki, CVPM

    I joined the Just Cats team in November of 2015. My educational background is a Bachelor’s in English obtained at SUNY Albany, 2 Associate’s degrees in Liberal Arts and Musical Theatre obtained from Genesee CC, and a Paralegal Certification obtained at Schenectady CCC. My love for kitties prompted me to join the Just Cats team. When I am not at Just Cats, I am a wife, a musician, and a loving kitty mom to my cats 3 cats.

Client Services Specialists

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    Ronda D., CSS Supervisor

    I have been employed with Just Cats since March 2015. I have always loved animals and I actually worked at the Catskill Game Farm when I was in high school! My background comes from 25 years of environmental consulting. I enjoy kayaking, hiking and pretty much anything outdoors. I share my home with 2 dogs, Gunnar and Pee Wee. While I am at work I care for our house cat Lucy, who has become my baby.

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    Karen V.

    I joined the Just Cats team in May 2019. Previously I worked in natural foods retail in Saratoga Springs and on St. Thomas, my former home. I co-owned a copper enameling studio in the V.I., and continue my craft stateside. I earned my BA in Linguistics at UNM/Albuquerque. A devoted audiophile, I've been spinning roots reggae on my weekly radio show on WSPN since 2002. Cats have always been in my world - currently my beloved is Zizou, a grey and white rescue.

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    Tallis W.

    I joined the Just Cats team in August 2017. My love for animals, especially cats, is why I joined the team. 

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    Kerry C.

    I have been with Just Cats since October 2020. In my free time, I love to do outdoor sports and I also work as a kayak instructor. 

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    Erika D.

    I joined Just Cats in November 2020. More to come!

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    Andrea F.

    Photo and bio coming soon!

Technician Assistant

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    Sandy S.

    Sandy has been a valued member of the Just Cats team since 2009. She is our house kitty Mylo's favorite person. RIP Mylo

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    Mandy B.

    I joined the Just Cats team in March of 2015. My love for animals prompted me to join the team. I am also a pet photographer and take pictures of cats looking for their forever home. When I am not helping the animals, I spend time with my husband Stephen and my three wonderful children; Jaysen, Parker and Elizabella. 

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    Stephen K.

    I have worked at JC since 2009. I am currently pursuing my degree to be a Veterinary Technician.

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    Nicole B.

    I joined the Just Cats team in July 2018. I started my career in the Army Reserves in 2004 where I did 1 tour in Iraq. Now that I am back home, I enjoy being a mother to my wonderful daughter Taylor, and being a wife to my amazing husband Eric. I enjoy spending time with the cats each day and strive for excellence in feline care. I am currently enrolled to become a Veterinary Technician.

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    Kia D.

    I joined the Just Cats Team in August of 2018. I am currently enrolled at Penn Foster in the Veterinary Technician program. After trying my hand at human phlebotomy and EKG technician, I was able to realize my true passion lied with animal care. I have 3 cats and 2 goats at home who are my fur babies. I love all animals which is why I will take care of your kitty to my best ability! I enjoy horseback riding and playing piano in my spare time.

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    Veronica S.

    I have been a part of Just Cats since December of 2018. I am currently enrolled in my second semester at Penn Foster to become a Veterinary Technician. In my spare time I enjoy anime and comic con. I aspire to rehabilitate animals when I graduate. I am originally from Maryland and getting used to a new place.  I live at home with my fiancé Jacob and my 3 furbabies: my cat Patrick, and 2 ferrets, Raisin and Banana.

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    Brandy L.

    I've been part of the Just Cats Team since July 2020. I live with my boyfriend, 3 cats and 2 dogs. I like riding quads, being outside and fishing.  

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    Grace E.

    Photo and bio coming soon!

Animal Care Giver

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    Aaron C.

    Picture and Bio coming soon

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    Ryan S.

    Picture and bio coming soon

Office Cats

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    Walter has been part of the Just Cats Family since summer of 2019. He enjoys stealing your food, harassing your cats in cages and being the goodest boy. He will greet you at the desk and give you love and purrs!


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