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Have You Looked In Your Cat's Mouth Lately?

Have You Looked In Your Cat's Mouth Lately?

February Is National Pet Dental Health Month.

Just like with other members of your family, dental health is important to your cat’s overall health. Oral disease, if left untreated, can lead to pain and discomfort, diet and behavior changes, heart disease, kidney failure, and even cancer.

Although there are numerous options available for prevention of periodontal disease at home, every cat will not allow you to brush their teeth. That’s why we recommend a regular professional dental exam, for prevention, evaluation and ultimately treatment of any identified problems.

Your cat will come away not only with clean, smooth teeth, but also an examination and evaluation of the tissues below the gum line and entire oral cavity, including full mouth dental radiographs. This is especially important for your feline member of the family because of the high incidence of tooth “resorption,” a very painful, progressive disease caused by a cat’s own cells destroying dental tooth structure. 

Just Cats is very proud to offer a state-of-the-art dental program for our patients. We use the most innovative dental equipment, including digital dental radiography, and our staff is trained at the highest levels for feline dentistry.  The head of our dental department is Kimberly Demars.  She is a Licensed Veterinary Technician who advanced her education to achieve her Veterinary Technician Specialty in Dentistry.  She is 1 of only 73 in the world to have this credential!  

Our clients (and patients) appreciate the benefits of feline only care. And Just Cats likes to show our appreciation in return.

Our spots will fill up fast, so please call our office for more information and get your kitty on our schedule soon.  Watch our Facebook page for a FREE client seminar on feline dental health coming soon. We will also have a gift basket giveaway and dental goody bags.

Come celebrate your cat’s pearly whites (and overall dental health) with Just Cats all February long!


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