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Blood Donor Bart Saves a Life

Blood Donor Bart Saves a Life

Meet Snickers.

This beautiful girl came to us at the beginning of October because her mom noticed a decreased appetite and lethargy. Dr. Theresa Tommell performed a thorough examination and diagnostic testing, and we discovered that Snickers was severely anemic because of a flea infestation. Something had to be done quickly to save this poor, declining girl.

Bart to the rescue!

Meet Bart.

He is an amazing and handsome boy who has been special to Just Cats for many years. We contacted Bart’s mom and asked if he would be able to be a blood donor to Snickers, who was fading fast. Bart’s mom happily agreed and Bart came to our clinic.

We performed the transfusion after taking the appropriate amount of Bart’s blood. Cats’ blood typing is simpler than humans’, but some can still have a reaction to a transfusion. Snickers required careful monitoring for several hours after the procedure to make sure her body would accept the blood. Bart, the donor, was also monitored and given special treats (similar to how humans get juice and cookies after they donate). What a good boy!

After several hours of monitoring and care by our compassionate and highly skilled team, Snickers accepted the blood without an issue. If Snickers’ family hadn’t acted quickly, Snickers would have died of anemia. Something as simple as a declining appetite or lethargy can be an indicator that something is seriously wrong. Although we love the fact that cats are independent and have a way of dealing with their discomfort, we as their humans need to pay attention to any changes. Something very simple can indicate a larger issue, and the veterinarian should be called immediately.

“The blood transfusion truly saved her life. Getting your cat to the veterinarian immediately when there are signs of illness is crucial to maintaining good health.” – Dr. Susan Sikule

And… Bart was able to go home that same day! Here’s a photo of Bart enjoying some extra-special cuddles with his mom at home.

By the following day, Snickers had perked up, and she continues to improve. Her anemia is resolved. However, when she returned to us for her recheck, she still had fleas. A flea infestation can be incredibly difficult to clear from your home. We are working with Snickers’ family to rid all the fleas from their home so Snickers can continue to live her life as she should. Queen of the home!


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