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Boarding at Just Cats Brings Peace of Mind

Boarding at Just Cats Brings Peace of Mind

Sometimes we just need peace of mind. A plan – if we go away over the holidays and can’t bring our cat. A plan – if we get sick for a few weeks and worry who will take care of our family feline, especially if they need special care that requires insulin or pills.

Our Just Cats team wants you to know our feline only boarding service can bring you peace of mind.

“Clean, quiet and comfortable” — that’s what our whiskered boarders say (translated from contented purrs and gentle meows).

That’s because at Just Cats we have small “studio” cat spaces with the softest pillows to curl up in. Your beloved furry one will dine on their own food favorites. They’ll have lots of attention from our feline specialists who love cats as much as you do.

Does your cat have special needs or medicine? We offer medical boarding as well as standard boarding. During work hours, there is always a veterinarian on staff. And after hours, one of our veterinarians is on call for our hospitalized and medical boarding cats.

Talk to us about your concerns. Our expert staff will care for your special kitty as if you were here yourself. Rest assured . . . your fabulous feline will be in great hands at Just Cats.

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