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Summer reading…

Summer reading…

Whether you’re at the beach, pool, in your own backyard, or curled up in bed, lots of people take advantage of longer daylight and (sometimes) fewer responsibilities in the summer months to catch up on their reading.

And, we know our clients and what they love… cats! You can curl up with a book and your cat by your side, but it’s even better if your cat’s by your side and you have a book about cats to keep you interested.

So, we asked the Just Cats family to share their favorite books about cats. Here are some of the top picks:


For the little ones: 
Kitten's First Full Moon, by Kevin Henkes
I am Pusheen the Cat, by Claire Belton
Socks, by Beverly Cleary

Cat care:
Love is a Happy Cat, by Dr. Michael W. Fox
All My Patients Are Under the Bed, by Dr. Louis J. Camuti

A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My Life, by James Bowen

Dewey’s Nine Lives, by Vicki Myron

The Devious Book of Cats, by Joe Garden
How to Live Like Your Cat, by Stéphane Garnier


Of course, reading about cats is entertaining and educational, but your best source of information and care is always your trusted veterinary team at Just Cats. If your beloved feline isn’t up to date on flea and tick prevention, heartworm protection, and vaccines, what better time than the present?


Keep your companion healthy with routine visits and preventive care. Call us today to make an appointment!


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