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May 11th is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day

May 11th is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day

You might be prepared for a variety of situations for your family’s needs. Are you prepared for your cat’s needs, too? After all, your pets are part of the family and should be part of your household planning for the unexpected.

Here are some things to consider ahead of time that might be able to help you keep your cat safe when the unexpected occurs:

  • Pet emergency “go kit”. There are certain supplies that are recommended to have on-hand in case you need to evacuate — flashlights, transistor radios, blankets, medicines, non-perishable food, bottled water, and other necessities that your family might need. Consider keeping a pet kit, too. Include any medications your cat takes regularly, nonperishable food (if you use canned cat food, make sure there’s a can opener), and any other supplies that your cat requires, including comfort items like favorite toys or blankets if she has them.



  • Use a thundershirt for your cat. Many of our patients use thundershirts. A thundershirt can help an anxious cat to feel safe and secure in a storm or other “scary” weather. Many of our patients also wear them for trips to visit us here at Just Cats because it helps to ease their nerves if they’re feeling uneasy.  


  • Have an emergency boarding plan. If there were ever a situation that requires you to board your cat in case of an evacuation, Just Cats is here for you. We’ll board cats for as long as you need, and they’ll always be safe and well cared-for. Have our number in your contacts just in case. Even if it’s not a disaster evacuation, things happen that might require you to be away from home for a few nights… a loved one in the hospital, an emergency medical situation for you… any number of things might mean that you’re not able to be home for your cats. Call us, we’ll help.

Summer is around the corner, and with that comes situations that we need to prepare for. Your cat might roam outside – has she had her rabies shot? What about a microchip? A thunderstorm might make a cat skittish, and what if she accidentally gets out? Make sure that her tick prevention, vaccinations, and microchip contact information are up to date.

If you need to update any of your cat’s vaccines or other preventive treatments, call us today for an appointment or schedule one online!


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