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Cats eating each other’s food? Here’s your solution!

Cats eating each other’s food? Here’s your solution!

One of the reasons our clients love Just Cats is exactly that—we’re a cats-only practice, so many of our patients live in multiple-cat households. A question we’re asked frequently is how to manage diets for several cats, especially if one has special needs or conditions and you don’t want his siblings eating his food. Bowl swapping can be fun when you’re out to dinner with your human friends and trying new things, but you don’t want that for your cats!

Thankfully, there’s a solution. We recommend the Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder to keep cats’ food separate and
0243471001555358578.jpgeliminate costly bowl swapping and grazing from each other’s dietary specialties.

This specialty feeder recognizes each cat by its microchip and allows it to access only its own food. That way, it not only prevents one cat from eating another cat’s prescription food or restricted diet, but it’s ideal if one cat is on a weight management plan. The feeder stores up to 32 pet identities and works with both wet and dry food for capacity up to 400ml or two pouches.

There are other benefits to the microchip feeder, too. If you have babies or dogs in your home, the automated door keeps those rascals out of the cat food, as well. And, because the door closes when the cat is finished eating, the food stays fresher and there’s less waste. The device is simple to program and train the cats to use, and the benefits are immeasurable.

As one of our clients said, “We appreciate your suggestion about the microchip feeder. One of our cats eats everything in the bowl at once, but the other cat eats periodically throughout the day. Therefore, we needed to carefully ration food. Now each cat only has access to his own food! Milo can eat whenever he wants without his bowl being empty.”

To get a peek at the microchip feeder, ask our office staff and we’ll be happy to demonstrate for you how it works. If your cats aren’t microchipped, ask us about that, too—it’s a good idea to microchip even your indoor cats. It’s a simple, painless, inexpensive procedure that can be done in our office in minutes.

As always, the Just Cats team is always looking for ways to keep your cats healthy, increase their quality of life, and make your life as a cat parent simpler and easier!


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