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Dr. Kurzel leaving Just Cats


We are both sad and happy to announce Dr. Robyn Kurzel will no longer be with Just Cats as of March 19, 2021. She is moving out of our area to be closer to her family. We thank you, Dr. Kurzel, for everything you have done for us and our wonderful clients. 

We wish Dr. Kurzel success and happiness in her future!

Did you know that Just Cats offers boarding at both of our locations?

boardingStrictly CAT boarding.  No dogs allowed.  Clean, quiet and comfortable-that’s what our boarders say!

Feel secure in knowing that your feline family member is in a warm (or cool in the summer), comfortable environment with experienced staff caring for them.  We also offer medical boarding for those kitties that are on medication or need special treatments. We have kitty condos!  Choose either a standard size cage or a kitty condo, either way your cat will be comfortable.  Playtime/exercise in a secure area is available upon request.


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