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We value our clients' experience at Just Cats Veterinary Clinic. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Testimonial Form.  You can return it to us via email, fax or regular mail.

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Recently we adopted a “bonded” pair of kitties that we renamed Penny and Prudence. The sweetest couple of girls on this side of town! Prue and Penny came down with an upper resp infection, Prue getting it the worst. Just Cats made an appointment with us and answered all the questions I had. Not only was the Doctor and Vet tech nice, at the time of the visit, but the front desk staff as well. I have called them a couple times with concerns since then, as I have never had sick kitties before, and they have been more than helpful. I really appreciate them being so kind and patient with me as our new fur babies get healthy.  

Thank you Doctors and Staff!

-The Lathers 

May 2019

"I've been a client at Just Cats for over 20 years.  I have to say there are some very important reasons why I continue to use them as my vet.  Their customer service is stellar.  The office staff work with you to make appointments at your convenience, get prescriptions and special food ready when you need it, listen to your issues and offer support and good advice.

They know my name and are always pleasant and kind.  The office is open at hours that work for everyone.  The wait time in the office is usually short, unless there is an emergency (and then one doesn't mind waiting while some unfortunate cat is being helped).  The staff always let you know what's going on so that you don't feel like they've forgotten your appointment.

Just Cats holds seminars in their offices on topics that are relevant and useful, and these seminars are free.  It impresses me that they care enough to reach out and work overtime to inform their clients in an easy-to-understand manner. 

Of course, the most important reason I continue to go to Just Cats is Dr. Susan Sikule.  I love her approach to treatment. She doesn't go overboard with the tests unless it's warranted.  She believes, as I do, in using a holistic and natural plan for the ongoing health of my cats.  She doesn't just mandate the treatment, we discuss the options and go for what feels right and comfortable for me as the pet parent wanting the best in comfort for my babies.  In the years since I've been going to Just Cats, medical care for cats has changed drastically.  Dr. Sikule keeps current in the latest treatments and is willing to explain and share the information she learns.  She's excited and enthusiastic about my cats' care and loves to follow up on any new treatment we undertake. I can contact her by e-mail with questions and comments and she responds. She doesn't charge me anything extra for this service and it is certainly comforting.  I always have tons of questions and don't always remember to ask them when I'm there.  Fortunately, I can call or e-mail the office and quickly get an answer.  The scope of the treatments offered is stellar, including acupuncture and laser therapy.  One of the nicest services they offer is home visits.   I had a elderly cat, Misty, whom I loved dearly. She hated going in the car but needed bi-annual blood tests to check her thyroid levels.  Dr. Sikule and a tech came to my house every six months to do the tests.  I was just so easy and pleasant, like having friends come to visit.  With Dr. Sikule's quality care my Misty lived to be 21 years old! Misty passed in 2005, but to this day, Dr. Sikule still remembers her fondly, and that touches my heart.   

So, you know how you once had a great doctor that gave you exceptional care and who you felt comfortable with? They are so hard to find these days.  Well, I found one for my cats and Just Cats is where I found her!"

~Kathleen AshlineJune 2016

"Todd, Guinness and I just LOVE Just Cats. Guinness has been a “client” since we adopted him as a kitten two years ago.  He has had some difficult times and we are so thankful to Dr. Sikule and Dr. Petersen and all of you at your Guilderland Office for taking such good care of him.  Your office is cozy, just like home and I think it minimizes the fear I know Guinness feels when he comes for a visit.  Everyone we have met seems to demonstrate a genuine love of cats that mirrors our own and we appreciate you all so very much."

~Karin, Todd and Guinness B.
March 2016

"We bring our 4 boys to Just Cats in Guilderland, and we couldn't be happier with the care that they receive! Dr. Sikule and her amazing staff are always friendly, compassionate and accommodating.

Our rescue kitten, Axle, had nerve damage in his leg and couldn't walk on his paw when we found him. Through the use of splints and therapeutic laser treatments, Axle is now using his leg much more as it grows stronger. Dr. Sikule never gave up on him! We truly appreciate the outstanding care and service at Just Cats!"

~Liz R. and Lori V.
November 2015

"We have been taking our cats to Just Cats for 8 years and wouldn't go anywhere else. Dr. Sikule is truly 'the cat whisperer'!

~The Kugler Family
July 2015

“I have interacted with many vets in my life long companionship with cats. About 20 years ago, I discovered Just Cats and made an appointment. Initially, I loved the idea that my cats wouldn’t be exposed to dogs during what would already be a stressful experience for them. The first visit was everything I had hoped for. I was very impressed with the friendly staff and environment- no dogs barking; just a calm and peaceful space. Dr. Sikule was very professional, but at the same time personable and very kind. She and her staff could easily manage more than 1 cat at a visit, and with 6 cats there were many visits over the years. They were always treated with slow, gentle hands. Dr. Sikule treats all of her feline patients and their humans with so much compassion. She knows cats well and points out and seems to enjoy their different personality traits. 

Recently, I lost a very special pet, Murphy. I adopted him as a kitten from a litter of ferals that were being cared for by Just Cats. He was one of a kind- loving, smart and even tempered. He became ill quickly, with no real advance sign of a problem. Just Cats squeezed us in one evening even though there was a full schedule of patients. Dr. Sikule spent an entire evening trying to stabilize him, draining fluid from his lungs, while also managing all of her other patients. Murphy knew her and was never afraid, even stretching up to kiss her although he could barely breathe. 
An added bonus to this practice is that they offer home visits. No more trauma of the car ride! I have found this to be invaluable with multiple cats especially with 1 who is very anxious. All can be seen in one visit and even have their blood drawn. 

 I really cannot give higher praise to this practice and am very thankful that I found them”.                     

~Suzanne L.
June 2014


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