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Saratoga Springs

(518) 869-5779


The basic philosophy of Just Cats Veterinary Clinic is to provide an exceptionally high level of feline veterinary and surgical care. We believe that there are many cat owners who desire a higher quality of care for their cats and we are here to meet that demand. We believe that we can maintain that quality only by continuously improving our skills and knowledge through experience, education, and development.

We strive to personalize our service to both client and patient and to conduct ourselves only in the most professional manner. We believe strongly in good communication and one of our main goals is to educate our clients about the needs of their cats, explain our fees and then to professionally provide those services.

We understand that many of our patients are frightened and apprehensive about their experience with us, and we make every effort to put our patients and clients at ease. Compassion and acts of kindness are integral to our clinic and are always appreciated. We realize that we are in business to serve our patients and clients, without whom we would not exist.


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